Unlock Your Hip Flexors Review – Not What I Expected


Unlock Your Hip Flexors Review – Is it a Must Have?

It doesn’t matter how good your body is, or how athletic you are? The thing is that most of the people spend their time sitting at their home. If you are stuck in a job where you spend a lot of hours sitting or due to some other reason you sit a lot, then it can cause a lot of problems in your muscles, especially to the hips, spine, and shoulders.

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It is due to the reason that the human body wasn’t designed to spend so much time sitting and doing nothing. Our body is made for substantial physical activity, which makes it more durable from time to time. But not exercising enough can heavily damage our muscles, especially our hip flexors, become degenerated.

The hip flexors are made using different types of muscles, which help you in your movement and help you raise your thighs primarily. When you don’t exercise properly and don’t do enough action, then these muscles are left unused, and they become weak from time to time.

These muscles are smaller as compared to other muscles, so they need regular workout. There are several types of exercises for different types of muscles, for belly fat, for abs, and even buttocks exercise are famous.

But you might have heard of exercises for relaxing and opening hip flexors. This is the reason the ‘Unlock Your Hip Flexors‘ has gained so much attention and customers in much less time because it will guide you with such exercises which are not heard before. Still, they are useful a lot, and many customers have benefitted from them.

As you read the name, you would probably think that this product will be just for increasing the flexibility of your hips and reducing tension in them. But the case is slightly different as this not only reduces tension and increases flexibility, but at the same time, it also makes you look a lot slimmer, helps you sleep better than before, and improve your sex life too. All these features are provided in Unlock your hip flexors.

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According to the creators, it is designed in such a way that it will strengthen your hip flexors muscles more than ever. This will eliminate joint pain and back pain, which is a common issue faced by many people.

It has gained high popularity recently as a lot of customers gave positive reviews about it and told about their experience about how they benefited from it. Now let’s a complete and detailed review of this product and its features.

There are a lot of exercises to relax your muscles. However, Most of the people don’t even know about proper exercising like how important walking, running, bending, stepping, or even twisting is essential to relax your muscles.

About the Unlock Your Hip Flexors Program

Unlock your hip flexors program, is a paid program that is designed to relax your tight and tense hip flexors using some unique methods that provide you with a lot of other benefits too.

Its creator is Mike Westerdal, who is a national fitness author. He helped his wife solve her severe pain in the hips. And the pain was relieved in just around fifteen minutes. This marked the beginning of this successful program. All those techniques which will remove your pain and ease up your flexors are highlighted in this program.

Main Benefits of using the Unlock Hip Flexors Program

As told before, the benefits are not only limited to relaxing your hip flexors, but there are several other benefits of this program. The main highlighted benefits of this program are

· Eliminate the back and joints pain.
· Boost up your energy.
· Relax your hips.
· Improve your sex life significantly.
· Fight off diseases and improve your immune system.
· Reduce belly fat and lose weight.
· Improve blood circulation.

You must have realized by now that hip flexors are among the most important muscles of the body, and if they become tight, it will be problematic, and they will hinder every single activity you make. Not only this, but the tight hip flexors will also contribute to a lot of health problems. One thing which is essential to note is that the issues with Hip flexors are among the root causes of many other daily issues. Some of which are as follows:

· Sleeping issues.
· High depression and anxiety.
· Decreased and loss of sexual performance.
· Digestive problems.
· Sluggishness.
· Weakened immune system.
· Tight and locked Hips.
· Increased chances of injury while playing any sports or exercising.

This is just a shortlist, while the actual symptoms are in a broad range. And several people are suffering from these problems. But most of them don’t even realize that these problems are caused due to the tight Hip flexors. And how much significant impact can these Hip Flexors can cause to the health of a person.

What are the main muscles which make the Hip Flexors?

There are different types of muscles that make up the Hip Flexors. They are described as follows:

·        Rectus Femoris Muscle:

This muscle is part of the integral four quadriceps muscles, which attach the pelvis to the knees through the patellar tendon. The best exercise for this muscle is squats and the lunges.

·        Iliacus Muscle:

This is a flat and triangular muscle that is present in the deep ends of the pelvis. The attachment is from the thigh bone to the pelvis, and it allows the rotation and flexion in your thighs.

·        Pectineus Muscle:

This is a quadrangular muscle that is present in the flat top side of the inner thigh. It is known among the public as groin muscle. It is mainly responsible for hip flexion and rotation of adducts and thighs. In short, its function is to pull the legs together, enabling the movement.

·        Sartorius Muscle: 

This is a thin and long muscle that runs down from the pelvis to the knee, present all through the length of the thigh. It also helps in flexing the knee and leg during movement.

·        Psoas Major Muscle:

This is the essential muscle that is a connector between the spine and the leg, and this is the primary and integral function of this muscle. It passes to the front of the hips, where it connects with the femur.

Relaxing your hip flexors is highly dependent on the PSOAS muscle. The tightness of the PSOAS muscle is one of the main contributing reasons to this problem, and relaxing it will solve the problem in no time. 

Now the questions which arise right now is why do the PSOAS muscles become so tight? The reason behind this is not exercising correctly and sitting all day long. Experts say that if you spend a lot of time sitting on your couch, in your car, or at the desk, you are most likely to suffer from tight PSOAS muscle.

That is the reason that once you relax the PSOAS muscle, you will have a lot of benefits like getting slimmer, relaxing the hip flexors, losing fats, and improving your sexual drive significantly.

Why are my hip flexors so tight?

Now one important diagnostics that come here is that you need to know when you are suffering from tight Hip Flexors. Unlocking the Hip Flexors might not be so tricky, but first, you need to see if you are suffering from this problem or not. If you are having tight Hip Flexors, then you will have the following symptoms:

You feel strain, tight, and stiff hips constantly. While you are doing exercises, you continuously have a lot of trouble while lunging, running, stretching, and cycling.

The hips muscle tends to be sore most of the time, and touching them is painful. One prominent symptom is the posture of your body. You have a lean forward sided position or a tilted back-sided posture. In general, it is called a tell-tale sign.

If you are also suffering from these symptoms, then you are indeed having tight Hip flexors which need to be unlocked. The reason behind this is not exercising correctly and sitting all day long. Experts say that if you spend a lot of time sitting on your couch, in your car, or at the desk, you are most likely to suffer from tight PSOAS muscle.

But don’t worry about it all. As with the ‘Unlock your Hip Flexors,’ you can quickly help your body and relax your tightened Hip flexors in no time.

Why can’t you simply use some random exercises from the internet directly? Is unlocking your hip flexors legitimate?

This is a question which comes in the mind of almost every other user: why shouldn’t one use exercises from Google and why should we buy a product to unlock the hip flexors.

The main reason why picking up exercises from the internet is not recommended is because there is a lot of information which is written by anybody without any verification that he is an expert in that field and he has some experience while writing about those exercises.

This is one significant factor. Another reason is that in the ‘Unlock your Hip Flexors,’ you not only know about the exercises but also find the ways to do them correctly and efficiently. It is legitimate because it comes from highly experienced creators.

Whenever you do any exercise, not only performing it is crucial but performing it accurately and efficiently is very important so that it will deliver you the results that you desire. Just doing any exercise without proper explanations and guidance will not give you much benefit and can even be risky and sometimes also worsen your condition. So it is never advised to go for any exercise on the internet without proper verification that it is coming from a certified professional.

What is present in the ‘Unlock your Hip Flexors’ program?

As the name says, ‘Unlock Your Hip Flexors’ is a superb program which will help you unlock the tight and weak hip flexors using specific exercises and stretching methods. It will teach you how to relax and unlock the hip flexor, relieve the pain in your muscle, increased mobility, improve sexual drive, enhanced flexibility, and overall improve your health to a great extent.

The program is designed in an effortless way so that anyone can easily follow this program without any fuss. Certain things come with the ‘Unlock Your Hip Flexors’ program, which is mentioned below:

A DVD that included different types of ten exercises which will help you activate and unlock your Hip flexor muscles. It arrives with a manual that comes with a high-targeted stretches program for different types of Hip flexor muscles.

You also receive content in which you know about the muscles and how they are damaged and how they significantly affect your health.

The manual is about 63-pages long and comes with detailed pictures and descriptions to help you exercise correctly without any injury risks and performing the exercise without worsening your position.

Bonus parts:

1st Bonus: Ways to Unlock Your Hamstrings- As told before that, tight PSOAS muscles are susceptible to injuries and tears. The same case is with the hamstrings. They are responsible for all the different types of movement in your legs, which in case of cracks and damage, are very painful. With this bonus part, you can prevent and fix the Hamstrings pain through proper exercising and stretching techniques.

2nd bonus: Seven Day Anti-Inflammatory Diet Course- This plan consists of a customized nutritional program, which is a great addition to help your body become healthy and sturdy. It consists of meal plans, a simple shopping grocery list, dietary recommendations, and some supplement tips which will help your body heal itself. 

The best of all is that all the information which is provided in this program is highly researched and comes from experts. The creators of this program have dictated an entire section on the importance of Hip flexor muscle and how important they are to your health.

When you know little basics of these muscles, you will be easily able to understand how the stretching exercise can help you relieve the pain and unlock the Hip flexors in no time.

Pros of buying this program:

There are many pros to buying this program, some of which are described below.

Comprehensive Manual:

The manual of this program is very detailed and comprehensive. The exercises are described in detail so that you can perform them in the right manner without any risk of injury and without worsening your pain. There are detailed pictures, along with videos that help you much.

These formats will help you perform the exercises most efficiently and benefit from them. Overall, according to reviews, people have benefitted from video formats, mostly as compared to pictures alone.

There is a section in the book named as ‘structural balance’ which will guide you towards improving your posture and prevent degeneration of posture which occurs with age.

Less time required:

Users mostly complain that they have a very tough schedule, and they cannot take out much time for exercise. Don’t worry if you have the same gripe as in the ‘Unlock Your Hip Flexors’ program.

The exercises are straightforward and don’t take much time. Even if you give fifteen to twenty minutes daily, it will be more than enough to help you relax your tightened muscles and benefit from the program.


Although there are a lot of programs out there, many people are not able to afford them, and the price is one of the deciding factors for most people. There are even some programs that cost thousands of dollars and do not benefit the people. But that is not the case here luckily. 

This program is available in less than thirty dollars, and you don’t even need to wait till the end of the month. The product is available at a budget-friendly price, which is truly an excellent deal for many people.

Great performance:

As it has been mentioned before, the program will help you in more than one way. Although its name is specific with Hip Flexors, It does not only help you relieve Hip pain, but it will reduce your back pain and stiffness and a lot more. 

People who used it have benefitted from it a lot and got free from back pain, and joint pain improved their posture and their sexual drive also.

Experienced Creators:

As we have been told that the exercises on the internet come from inexperienced trainers who don’t have a lot of experience and due to this, the person who follows them, sometimes even worsens their condition. That is why it is recommended to follow professionals. 

Westerdal and Kaselj are both great professionals, and their program has helped a lot of people, so it’s a safe investment.

Money-Back Guarantee:

The program arrives with a money-back guarantee, so you don’t have to worry about wasting money. It has a sixty-day money-back guarantee, so if you ever feel like the product is not keeping up to its expectation, you can ask for a money refund without any issue.


Is unlocking your hip flexors legitimate?

Yes, it is 100% legitimate and legalized. It also comes from highly experienced trainers who have helped a lot of people relax their Hip Flexors.

How do you unlock your hip flexors?

In the program’s PDF and videos, you are guided properly to do certain exercises. Daily exercising for around twenty minutes is enough and will easily help you unlock your hip flexors

Why are my hip flexors so tight?

The reason Hip Flexors are so tight is because the body is doing enough work. Not exercising and sitting idle is the main cause of making Hip flexors tight which causes further problems.

How do you strengthen your hip flexors?

This is a very important question. You have to maintain your diet and exercise problems. Make sure you don’t sit idle for much longer and practice running and jogging regularly.

Unlock Your Hip Flexors Reviews – Conclusion:

Our review about Unlock your Hip Flexors recommends our users to try out this program. We have reviewed it, and it provides its users with breathtaking features, which will help you to relieve your body from pain and live a healthy life ahead.