leptin rich foods

A vast majority of people worldwide believe that putting on or losing weight is all about persistence, hard work, and calories. However, according to a new search related to obesity, a hormone called leptin plays a significant role.

Leptin is a hormone that your body naturally produces through fat cells. The production of leptin inside your body solely depends on your body fat. People with higher body fat percentage tend to have a higher amount of leptin inside their bodies.

This hormone’s primary function is to control or maintain the amount of fat stored in your body. Furthermore, leptin also regulates the calories you burn and consume. The leptin provides a signal to your brain that you should stop eating when your stomach gets full or overeat.

But apart from this, what if you feel like eating all the time?. Well, if that is the case, then you must be leptin resistant. In other words, being leptin resistant means that your brain has stopped signaling that you should not eat more. Thus, it results in starvation. However, many professionals suggest that one should eat leptin rich foods to increase leptin sensitivity (or, in other words, to decrease leptin resistance).

Moreover, it is quite challenging to say which foods contain a higher amount of leptin because it is a less researched subject. However, including these nine below-mentioned foods in your diet can do wonders in coping with your hunger and satisfying your appetite.


Being a couch potato and eating junk food all the time may give you temporary pleasure. However, sooner or later, you will pay the price.
Many people find it very difficult to stop eating junk food because they become addicted and can not curb their hunger. However, you can try these nine foods to curb your hunger and to satisfy your appetite to some extent.


Apple, being the evergreen fruit, contains many health benefits for humans. It is rich in Vitamin C and Fiber. They have low calories, which means that you will not put on fat by consuming them. Indeed, you will not gain weight by having an apple. But, the question arises on how it does increase leptin sensitivity?

According to research, the answer to that is that apples contain pectin(pectin contains galacturonic acid, and you will usually find it in juicy fruits), which is responsible for decreasing leptin resistance.


Like apples, oatmeal is rich in fiber too. And people all over the world eat oatmeal or cereal to decrease insulin levels. Moreover, you must have seen fit and healthy people eating oatmeal. The primary reason that people eat oatmeal is that it contains protein and helps in fat loss. You must include cereal or oatmeal in your diet because it will kill your hunger and help prevent starvation.


Having fish in the meal will not only satisfy your appetite but also fight with leptin resistance. Consuming fish in a meal will help prevent starvation, and it is a top choice to boost leptin levels. Furthermore, the oil of tuna fish also helps in decreasing leptin resistance and increasing leptin sensitivity.


Green tea is a popular fat loss drink that helps in increasing metabolism too. Drinking green tea regularly twice a day will help you in losing the overall body fat. Moreover, according to a German study, green tea turns out to be an active and effective agent that decreases the leptin resistance.


You might have heard people saying to have almonds to boost your memory. Quite amusing, right?. But almonds, apart from being brain food, contain fatty acids that increase metabolism and boost leptin sensitivity.


Broccoli is rich in calcium, and vitamin C. Calcium increases metabolism, while vitamin C combined with calcium helps burn calories. Calcium and vitamin C combined makes broccoli a helpful agent to decrease leptin resistance too.


Where excessive consumption of junk foods like pizza, burger, hotdog, plays their part in making you leptin-resistant, in the same way, having 2 to 3 eggs a day will help to keep you from becoming leptin resistant. Eggs contain vitamin B12, which helps break down fat cells, further leading to increased leptin sensitivity.


Beans are rich in protein that helps you build muscle(remember that building up muscles and gaining fat are two different things). These build up muscle cells aid in burning calories at a much faster rate. Consequently, it helps in burning away the fat and increasing leptin sensitivity.


If you want to boost your leptin production, consider adding three to four spoons of sesame seeds to your diet. Regularly consuming sesame seeds will help you produce leptin at a higher rate because it contains omega-3 fatty acids, zinc, and fibers. Apart from this, the antioxidants present in these seeds will eventually help in decreasing leptin resistance.

Besides all of the foods mentioned above, one should consider including healthy fruits and vegetables such as watermelon, sweet potatoes, carrots, berries, in his/her diet to boost leptin and decrease leptin-resistance.


Leptin is an essential hormone that helps in controlling or maintaining fat storage in our bodies. However, many people suffer from leptin-resistance. In the condition of leptin resistance, the leptin stops signaling to the brain.

To cope with leptin resistance and to increase the leptin production in your body, you must consider including all the foods mentioned in this article to your diet. These foods, like oatmeal, sesame seeds, lean protein, fish, broccoli, help decrease leptin resistance or increase leptin sensitivity. However, most of them are rich in leptin and help in the leptin’s overall production in your body.

Also, check out this supplement that can help you the leptin resistance.

The research on leptin is quite minimal, and hopefully, we will get to know more about leptin and the causes of leptin resistance in the future.