Leptin Resistance: 10 Ways to Fix it

It’s not very difficult to find weight loss tips online. You’d read people say that it’s all about controlling your calories and working hard in the gym. You’ll also find unique recipes of herbal tea that surprisingly loses belly fat. Not to mention the countless videos of people claiming that they have discovered the secret of losing weight in no more than two weeks.

Despite exercising, controlling on your diet, and even following the absurd weight loss tips you got from online videos, if you are still struggling to fit in your old jeans, you probably have something called “leptin resistance” to blame.

A little bit about Leptin

Leptin is a hormone produced by the fat cells in the body. It is also commonly called the starvation hormone. Leptin is supposed to report the hypothalamus, the part of your brain that controls when and how much to eat. Leptin’s primary job is to tell the brain that the body has enough fat stored, and this is the time to stop sending the hunger signals.

Leptin also performs other functions related to immunity and fertility. However, its main purpose is to regulate the number of calories we eat, as well as how much fat to store in the body. In a nutshell, the whole leptin system is to keep us from overeating or starving.

What is Leptin Resistance?

One of the most common reasons why people struggle to lose weight is because of leptin resistance. You could literally stay at the gym all day and eat nothing but veggies and still manage to gain weight.

Leptin resistance occurs when the hypothalamus stops receiving leptin signals. The brain erroneously perceives that your body is starving, even though it has enough energy stored already. If this happens, your brain will start sending the hunger signals to your body to make up for the food deficit. Then whatever is consumed, goes directly into fat storage, without being utilized for energy.

Your brain then encourages overeating because it thinks that you are starving. Your mind also reduces energy expenditure to save more energy. Since you are consuming more calories and burning less, you end up gaining weight.

Ways to overcome Leptin Resistance

1- Checkup

The fastest and easiest way to know if you have leptin resistance is to look in the mirror. Give yourself a fast examination. If you have a lot of belly fat, then it is almost certain that you are leptin resistant.

You can also go for a simple blood test to measure leptin levels. The optimal leptin level is around 4 to 6 ng/dL.

2- Improve your sleeping habits

People with poor sleep habits and circadian rhythms are more probable to be leptin resistant. Aim to improve your sleep habits and keep a healthy circadian rhythm. Get some sunlight in the day and enough sleep during the night.

3- Avoid late-night snacks

Scientists have proposed that when people eat is more important than what or how much people eat. For better results, avoid snacking late at the night. In various researches, eating after 8 p.m. has been linked with weight gain.

4- Steer clear of stress

Stress is terrible for your health in so many ways, and a high-stress level is associated with increased production of leptin, resulting in weight gain. It is advised to avoid stress and relax more for a smooth and healthy lifestyle.

5- Avoid Overeating and constant snacking

Researchers propose that overeating can lead to high levels of leptin, causing leptin resistance. Also, it’s needless to say that eating too many calories or overeating ultimately leads to obesity. So, start planning your daily calorie intake, if you wish to get lean.

When you are constantly snacking, even in small quantities, it keeps your liver on alert and fails to give your hormones a break. While you are planning on your daily calorie intake, also plan at least a 4 hours gap between the meals. Don’t eat or drink anything between the 4 hours gap; this includes all sorts of tea and coffee too.

6- Choose what you eat

Stay away from processed food, refined sugar, and unhealthy fast-food. If these are a big part of your diet, then it’s a very alarming situation because all of these are a crucial contributor to obesity.

Instead, eat soluble fiber, it will improve your gut health and will be a protection against obesity. Also, include plenty of protein in your diet. Eating a lot of protein is said to improve leptin sensitivity and also results in weight loss.

7- Exercise

Exercises and physical activities of all kinds can be beneficial for reversing leptin resistance and may help in weight loss. So, start from morning walks and gradually increase your workout. Try going for a swim, start going to work on a bicycle, or give yoga a try. Make exercise an essential part of your morning routine.

8- Cleanse your body

Eliminate all the toxins from your body. Detox on a daily basis. These toxins add stress on your body, get rid of all the remains of processed and unhealthy food from your body, and switch to a healthy diet instead. Detox water, herbal tea, and lemon water are few of the many ways to cleanse your body from all the toxins.  

9- Eat more omega-3

One of the best ways to lower down inflammation and to attain a healthy leptin level is by increasing the intake of omega-3 fatty acids. Plant-based omega-3 can also be beneficial. However, fish-based omega-3 are supposed to have higher bioavailability, which is considered far better for those struggling with leptin resistance. 

Increase omega-3 by eating fish, grass-fed meats or chia seeds, and lower omega-6 consumption, which includes conventional meats, vegetable oils, grains, etc. This will most certainly help you get lower inflammation and will help you maintain healthy leptin levels.

10- Get your Leptitox dietary supplements

Leptitox is a dietary supplement that will assist you in your weight loss journey. It works by decreasing the leptin resistance within your body; it also resets the hypothalamus so that it starts receiving the leptin signals normally. As a result, your body starts controlling the fat like it was supposed to. 

Leptitox is a detox formula, appetite control, and provides weight loss support. This dietary supplement is an entirely herbal product developed to break your enzymes and let go of all the extra weight. 

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Bottom line 

Yes, these are not very simple ways to eliminate leptin resistance. You will have to invest in long-term changes in your lifestyle in order to attain the best results. 

Good luck on your journey!