Leptin, which is also called ‘starvation hormone,’ was discovered in 1994. After its discovery, many researchers and medical science experts got the attention as they expected it to be a weight loss hormone or treatment. However, it has not been proven yet that this hormone aids in weight loss, and frankly speaking, the subject itself has not been researched enough.

Many companies advertise leptin pills or supplements for weight loss, and many websites are solely dedicated to selling these pills. Now the question arises that do these pills or supplements work for fat loss?
In this article, we will highlight the purpose of these pills and whether they help in fat loss or not.


Leptin levels are directly proportional to your body fat. The more body fat you have, the more leptin your body will produce. If you are receiving signals in your brain not to overeat, it means that your leptin signaling is working just fine. But if the case is different, and you will like eating all the time, you are most likely to be facing leptin resistance.

High levels of leptin present in your body usually cause leptin resistance. Leptin resistance is one of the significant hurdles due to which people find it challenging to burn calories and lose weight.

Now when it comes to overcoming leptin resistance and losing weight, people tend to run away from the organic methods(Diet). Instead, they run towards leptin pills and supplements that ironically do not even contain the hormone leptin itself.

In this article, some essential questions will be answered like Do leptin pills or supplements work?. And if they do not, then why companies sell them, and what purpose do they serve?


If you have excessive weight and are looking for ways to lose weight, you have probably come across advertisements for leptin pills or supplements on the internet or in magazines. Those advertisements claim to increase your leptin levels or decrease leptin resistance through supplementation.

But the question arises that do those pills or supplements contain the hormone leptin itself or not?. Well, you might get surprised, but the irony is that they do not. Instead of containing hormone itself, most of the supplements contain ingredients that either helps in increasing leptin sensitivity or decreasing leptin resistance to some extent. But there is still a question mark that, do they serve the purpose? Or Should people try leptin supplements or pills for weight loss?

Leptin is a topic or a subject that has not been researched enough to answer these questions. Since many researchers and medical science experts do not know much about this hormone and can not surely say that leptin supplements work for fat loss, then how come these online companies have figured it out?

However, if you are facing leptin resistance or leptin insensitivity, you can surely try these supplements as they do prove to aid in increasing leptin sensitivity or increasing leptin resistance. But when it comes to fat loss through these leptin pills or supplements, you might have to give it a thought, or you might have to adopt the alternative.


Indeed, these supplements do not contain leptin, but they are still labeled as “leptin pills or supplements.” Now the question arises: if these supplements or pills do not include the labeled hormone, what purpose do they serve then?

The answer to that is, these supplements or pills contain ingredients that increase leptin sensitivity or decrease leptin resistance(to some extent). For instance, some supplements or pills are made up of ingredients like fish oil, which helps in coping with your hunger problem and increases leptin sensitivity.

While other features ingredients like green tea, which helps in increasing your metabolism and building strength. These pills or supplements further contain ingredients such as fiber, protein, alpha-lipoic acid, omega-3 fatty acids, etc.

Many people have leptin resistance due to a high amount of body fat they carry. Thus their leptin signaling does not work correctly, and they end up eating more.

Here the role of these leptin pills of supplements comes into play as leptin pills or supplements improve leptin functioning and help in giving you a feeling of fullness. But that surely does not mean that they aid in fat loss too.

According to recent research, the consumption of African mango can also increase leptin levels, and the African mango turns out to be beneficial for improving leptin signaling in your brain.

Surprisingly, according to some studies, the African mango can aid in weight loss also. But this research is minimal, and nothing can be said with certainty, at least for now. That being the case, many leptin pills or supplements making companies are looking forward to including the juice of African mango in their ingredients.


The best alternative is to follow a leptin diet. However, even the leptin diet can not guarantee the desired results, but one thing is sure that following a diet is an organic method that contains zero side effects and while you’re at it don’t forget to check 10 other ways to fix leptin resistance here.

Following a leptin diet means that you need to consume fish, proteins, and foods rich in fiber, and that is pretty much it.

Research has proven that leptin is a hormone that is naturally produced inside our body fat cells, and its primary function is to regulate the calories we burn and consume. But not a single study has proven that leptin pills or supplements aid in weight loss, instead they aid in leptin functioning and making you feel fuller.

No wizardry pill will help lose weight overnight. That is why people should adopt methods with natural ingredients like healthy eating or leptin diet to burn calories or to reduce weight. By selecting natural means, you will be able to build a habit of eating healthy, and it will help you in losing weight. In short, you will quit being a couch potato.