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What would you do if someone offered you a way to lose one pound of belly fat daily, with just two minutes of work? If you are like me (and 99% of people in the world), you will jump on the opportunity, since let’s face it- getting rid of belly fat is hard.

Hi, I’m Jimmy Chester and I am thrilled to offer my unbiased Lean Belly Breakthrough reviews to you. Since I’m not the creator of the product, I can offer you the perspective of someone who has actually used the product and has experienced what it can do.

My introduction to the product came about by chance actually. After a friend of mine visited his doctor for his annual medical checkup, he was told that his biological age was 58 (he was only 38) and that his chance of suffering a heart attack within the next year was extremely high. He was carrying around at least an extra 30 pounds, and guess where it was most obvious? Yes, you guessed it. His belly. Research has shown that fat accumulation in this particular area poses great health problems.

This hit a particular note for me, as this was a guy I grew up with from the age of 5, and considered my friendly “rival”. We both motivated each other greatly, and I couldn’t think of a world without him. This is when he discovered the Lean Belly breakthrough system, and after following the protocol for just over 2 weeks, I could see a significant difference in him.

Not being in the best shape of my life, I too dedicated myself to giving the system a shot. I couldn’t just let him get the upper hand on me!


The Lean Belly Breakthrough System is a comprehensive weight loss plan created by renowned celebrity personal trainer Bruce Krahn, in conjunction with a German doctor who uses the pseudonym of Dr. Heinrick. While this isn’t the real name of the doctor who devised the program, the creator claims that all real details are lodged with the compliance department for the company that sells his product, Clickbank.

Bruce was introduced to the system after his father-in-law suffered a heart attack while on board a flight back to Europe. The doctor in question is credited with helping his father regain his health, and avoid going under the knife for open-heart surgery. This is what piqued my interest even more after being introduced to it by my friend, as men inherently have a greater risk of developing heart disease than women, made worse by excess belly fat (thanks beer!)

Who Is The Lean Belly Breakthrough System For?

In reality, the program can work for anyone. However, it is less likely to be very effective for younger people, since there are more intense programs out there. However, it stood out to me because it seemed custom-tailored to my particular set of circumstances. It is likely to be a great fit for you as well if:

  • You are over the age of 35 and concerned about a healthier heart. Heart disease increases significantly as we pass this age and into our forties.
  • You have a busy life and just can’t find the time to hit the gym- this was big for me, because running a business and working on other side ventures means lots of late nights and early mornings. I could easily fit 2 minutes during the day.
  • Want to improve your sex life, which we as men know (sorry ladies!) becomes a little harder as cholesterol deposits start to clog our blog vessels.
  • You are not physically able to work out for a 90-minute session at a time in the gym, a common deterrent to people who are morbidly overweight and sick, blocking you from making meaningful changes.


The Lean Belly Breakthrough system is delivered to you as a downloadable PDF file, which covers all aspects that you need to address for measurable weight loss. It includes 7 “modules”, (9 if you include bonuses)but the one major thing that stood out to me was the fact that I did not need to starve myself, but rather just make better food choices.

I must say that it seems to address things I did not think about before, and which most people are unlikely to consider when trying to lose stomach fat.

Here’s What You Get When You Download The System:

  • Good foods that you should include in your diet plan- these are the ones that create a favorable shift to achieve fat loss goals, and also includes the often overlooked topic of herbs and spices, many of which can help to optimize the hormones that promote visceral fat loss. Cayenne peppers, for example, promote the production of a key fat-burning hormone and should be added to meals to increase your metabolism and many other types of spices and herbs.
  • Bad foods list that makes it harder for you to lose weight, and which may complicate matters by promoting the development of metabolic disorders.
  • Recommended dessert ideas for people with blood sugar imbalances. You will absolutely love this if you’re a diabetic but sometimes bend to sugar cravings. You can have good desserts and maintain your health.
  • How to take advantage of your sleeping metabolism. Many people don’t know that sleep is great for body fat burning, and can be optimized to promote the secretion of even more fat-busting hormones.
  • Bruce Krahn’s 60-second belly shred workout plan which you need to perform once daily. A video is included so you can easily implement it if you learn better from visual stimuli.
  • Heinrick’s strategy to help achieve a flat belly and reduce fat in other problem areas.
  • A brief overview of the signs that a heart attack may be imminent on the horizon and what you can do to reverse your changes.
  • Step-by-step guides that show you how to increase your metabolic rate for greater fat-burning potential.
  • An emergency fat loss guide for persons critically overweight that need to start implementing changes.


Let’s face it, no program out there is perfect, because no one plan will ever suit everyone. However, The Lean Belly Breakthrough System did a great job of helping me lose belly fat, and overall is very well accepted by those who use it. Here are some things we discovered:


  • The creator is credible and highly experienced– this is a major reason I put so much trust into this program. I have hardly ever heard anyone talk poorly about the program or put the words lean belly breakthrough scam in the same sentence. He has worked with several big-name celebrities such as the magician Criss Angel and Singer Nelly Furtado. He has to put his reputation on the line by creating a product he believes in
  • It can work for everyone– will it deliver the same results for everyone that uses it? No, but what it will do is offer some amount of weight loss to anyone that follows its principles. If you are over 30 and starting to see signs of a slower metabolism and the usual complications of the metabolic disease (such as diabetes and heart disease), it is an excellent choice for you.
  • It is not highly restrictive– it does not call for cabbage soup, or eating cardboard with every meal, but just making wiser eating habits. The food is excellent, the workouts are easy and the time investment is minimal. This makes it very easy to follow.
  • Helps you to lose weight by addressing the underlying problem– many programs that promote weight loss involve short-term intensive “boot camp” like diet and exercise, but are unrealistic and hard to maintain long-term. You end up on a yo-yo trajectory, quickly gaining back all you lost. The lean belly diet system is focused on long-term weight loss, by helping you fix your metabolism and hormonal deficits that may interfere with meaningful weight loss.
  • Money-back guarantee- if you try the program, and don’t see weight loss in 60 days, you can feel free to take advantage of their money-back guarantee. This isn’t a fake-out either, as the vendor of the product, Clickbank, is very reputable as a payment processor. Add to this the fact that it is already very affordable, and it’s a win-win.


Though there weren’t any real significant cons about the lean body breakthrough system, it is still important that I highlight some things that may cause the product to be disappointing for you. Things such as:

  • Need for consistency- you must apply the system consistently, every day for it to be effective. If you can’t or won’t dedicate to it, you will be disappointed in not seeing the results you want.
  • It can’t replace your physician- yes, even though Bruce’s father-in-law was able to avoid surgery, he was still under the guidance of a physician. As always, consult your doctor for advice before and during the program.


Even though I am quite pleased with my results from following the program thus far, it is not revolutionary. I have lost a total of 18 pounds over 5 weeks since starting, which is a bit on the lower side compared to many others who have achieved as much as 30 pounds in 30 days.

Nevertheless, a product means nothing unless there is evidence that it works. Here are a few more notable transformations:

Lean Belly Breakthrough reviews
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Bruce Krahn

As long as you put in the work, The Lean Belly Breakthrough System will work for you as well. Just follow the guidelines contained within and your progress is virtually assured.


Chances are you could end up paying almost $300 if you don’t buy the system from the official vendor, who has generously made it available for the low price of $27. I don’t know if this deal will last forever, so now is the time to act to ensure you lock in all the savings.

Remember, $27 is an extremely low investment to make in your health, especially when it can give you years in return.


After reading my reviews, and seeing the before and after transformations of many satisfied followers. I’m sure you’re raring to give it a go right? There really is nothing better which can help to:

  • Reverse your risk of heart disease and diabetes
  • Lower your cholesterol levels
  • Bust dangerous belly fat and amp up your metabolism
  • Improve your sexual performance
  • Save you money by avoiding costly surgery.

And remember, Bruce is a bonafide professional fitness trainer in his field, someone with tons of credibility to back up the program.

Go check it out HERE, to lose the belly fat and enjoy life!