Cinderella Solution Reviews 2020 | My 12 Week Results

I’m here with an honest Cinderella Solution Review.

There was a time in my life when I weighed 200 lbs. I was obese, fat, and bulky — whatever you call it, but I was one thing for sure, which was: Unhappy.

Now don’t get me wrong. I am all in for body positivity, and I was blessed to have friends and family who loved me for who I was. I was never bullied as a child for my weight and the people around me just generally motivated me to love myself the way I am, and that slim doesn’t mean beautiful

Well, I know thin doesn’t necessarily mean healthy. But it does mean HEALTHY!

And there was nothing else that I wanted more than to become a healthy, happy individual who was able to walk up two blocks of stairs without gasping for breath.

As much as I love people who love their bodies, I believe obesity causes significant health complications. In the world where diseases such as cancer, brain hemorrhoids, tuberculosis, and hepatitis are at a rise, I don’t want to bring another condition to myself known as obesity.

If you are shocked at the use of the word obesity in the same sentences as disease, let me tell you one thing;

I was obese, and I know for a fact that obesity is a disease. It makes you lazy and tired all of the time. Instead of breaking down into little particles to provide energy to your body, all your food gets utilized in building up fat for the body and gaining extra weight that makes even the most straightforward task incredibly difficult.

You feel exhausted all the time, and even walking up five stairs makes you feel like your ability to breath is somehow jammed.

the cinderella solution reviews
The Cinderella Solution pdf

I knew I had to make some lifestyle changes to manage my health. Being slim and smart was an added benefit of my journey to weight loss to become healthy.

During my journey, I came across the much-hyped Cinderella Solution, created by Carly Donovan. So, my dear ladies, I’m here with an honest Cinderella solution review. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I have enjoyed experiencing it.

What is the Cinderella Solution weight loss diet?

The Cinderella solution system might be the solution to all your problems mentioned above. If you’re looking to fight your metabolism issues, start losing weight, and get a healthy body without any unnecessary fat on it, Cinderella Solution weight loss program is your solution.

It is an online program explicitly fashioned for women over the age of 25. This program has four parts, each of them is necessary if you want to lose weight and achieve a healthy body that is just right according to your height and age. It resets your body’s natural system on the main fat-burning hormones, which are the ‘Insulin, Cortisol and Estrogen,’ backed by authentic scientific research led by Carly Donovan and her team of scientists.

This solution follows the research that states that women who undergo the stage of puberty are more likely to have hormonal problems that mess up with their metabolism system. As a result, they gain excessive weight, which is difficult to cut through ordinary exercises. In these cases, pills and water-based diets only make things worse and make it very difficult to maintain a healthy and slim physique.

It helps you fight against excessive fat that which is a result of hormonal imbalances in your body that occur after a certain age. The Cinderella Solution flavor pairing is not like other weight loss programs on the market, its a full kick-ass weight loss program that channels your inner body to behave in a better way by balancing your hormones and improving your metabolism. That way, everything you eat would increase your energy level and provide aid in the process of a healthy and slim body for you.

By improving your digestive system and increasing your metabolism, you can eat right and lose the fat that is making you feel worn-out.

Cinderella solution comes with a healthy weight loss diet, which doesn’t just consist of all-carbs, all vegs, no dairy. Instead, it contains healthy meal plans that are well-balanced according to the requirements of your body. It is not a magical weight loss program or medicine that melts off the internal fat inside your body. It is a 100% natural solution that focuses on exercises, proper nutritious meals that help your body lose fat once and for all.

Who is Carly Donovan?

who is carly donovan
Carly Donovan

Before you go into the ‘whats and hows’ of the product, let me introduce you to the creator of the Cinderella solution.

Meet Carly Donovan; She’s not a celebrity, nor a writer or TV show host. She was just a woman like you who had the same circumstances as you. She was tired of being obese and doing everything in the world to reduce her weight but failing every time. There was not a single diet that she hadn’t tried, and there wasn’t a single pill that she didn’t take. In the midst of it all, she messed up with her body.

cinderella solution meal plan
Cinderella Solution Review 2019

Her mood swings increased, it became increasingly difficult for the doctors to diagnose her one thing was prominent, and that was that hormonal imbalances and menopause.

Carly was exhausted and wanted to make some lifestyle changes to reduce her weight, feel a light of positivity around her, and get more healthy vibes and get rid of hypertension. It was not easy for her. She had diabetes, and every time she tried to go on a diet, it would backfire and cause her significant health problems.

During one of her health problems, she discovered something magical. She found a solution to the problem that she was facing. She created a complete diet plan based on the recipes that helped her recover and reduce her weight, with exercises that created her world-famous ‘doubling effect.’

But it wasn’t some late-night revelation instilled to her in a dream; she had to research correctly to achieve the magical transformation from 240 lbs to a thin 137 lbs.

At the age of 37, after going through a sudden health crisis, she got to know that her body is facing a severe hormonal dysfunction that needed her to drop her extra weight.

Surgeries and magical pills were not an option. Therefore, Carly embarked on a journey to discover weight loss. She found that women over the age of 25 feel hormonal imbalances as the fat-loss alarm system in the body goes off.

After that, women have to eat right to manage weight and health and make sure that the weight loss alert system in their body re-awakens somehow. Not only that, but they also have to manage their exercises side by side to build the right muscles and reduce fat.

Carly figured out a hack-plan to help do all of that without starving yourself to death and messing up with your health even more. As she researched more, she found that her ingredients were also widely famous in Japan, which is known as one of the healthiest countries in the world.

Japan has a record-breaking number of people who are slim and smart, and obesity is considered a dangerous disease in the country. People who are obese in Japan don’t just call it ‘Self Love’; in fact, they go out and get themselves checked for weight gain every once in a while.

Instead of getting a liposuction, how about we follow her widely researched methods to reduce weight with the help of flavor pairing rituals. That would help you lose weight, reactivate your body’s alarm system for weight gain, and reboot the metabolism system of your body, making you slim— but healthily!

How does The Cinderella Solution Work?

I know what you’re thinking. All that talk about weight-loss is excellent, but how does this thing work?

To answer your question, ladies. This program consists of four parts. Each part teaches you a unique 2 step guide that includes dietary changes and proper workout plans, which is the Ignite Phase and then the Launch Phase.

Together the combination of these two helps to awaken the natural fat-cutting powers of your body, also known as your metabolism and enables you to burn out fat in the most natural way possible.

The best part about the Cinderella solution is that the plan is all available online, so you don’t have to go to any classes. Instead, you can follow the procedure regularly from the comfort of your home.

Another added benefit of this program is that it understands that you are a human who fully deserves to eat good things in life, and so it doesn’t inflict strict diet plans based on green juices or vegetables without any salt and pepper on them.

It has realistic and life-like diet plans that you can inherit and use even after you achieve shedding off all that weight.

It doesn’t work on a specific calorie count system and doesn’t give you concrete targets to mess up with your peace of mind. The progress is steady, but it doesn’t set any particular goals for you. As a result, you can focus more on the goodness that you are consuming and the truck-load of activity that is now a part of your life, thanks to the Cinderella solution.

Oh, and did you know?

Through this diet, you don’t only lose weight. You’ll also find yourself becoming more emotionally charged, chirpy, and happy as it will help battle all hormonal issues and make you see a more positive picture of the world. That was once lost because of the hormonal imbalances you faced as a result of age. It will help you remain more active and enjoy the pleasures of life more enthusiastically and energetically.

The Cinderella solution weight loss program— what is inside?

The Cinderella solution weight loss program is a perfect fit for women who don’t want to put in much effort to lose weight. But what exactly comes with the whole 4 part plan?

It includes the following modules:

  • The Cinderella solution Guide to help you start on the magical journey of weight loss.
  • The Cinderella solution manual and main book to teach you how to do it right.
  • All weight-loss rituals and exercises that need to be followed with the diet plans.
  • The Cinderella solution flavor pairings which make the process healthy and tasty.
  • Complete Cinderella solution recipes which add a variety in your lackluster diet routine.
  • Timings of the meal and how frequent do you need to consume these.
  • The two pairing ritual approach and how it helps your weight loss journey.
  • The Cinderella accelerator guide to give you an edge and the right support to speed up your weight loss.
  • The Cinderella Accelerator Movement Sequence Activity guide which tells you more about your movements and how you can fast-track the whole process.
  • A free copy of 5 minutes to look younger guide which is an anti-aging workout guide that you can follow if you want to get added benefits out of the Cinderella program.

Who will get the most benefit out of the program?

The Cinderella Solution is mainly created for women over the age of 25, as it works best to combat menopause-related health issues. If you’re younger than 25, I’d strongly advise you not to follow this plan. It won’t have any side effects, but it simply won’t work for you the way it will work for women over the age of 25.

cinderella solution results

The reason is that it is fashioned in a way to fight against hormonal issues that can make menopause arrive earlier than they are supposed to.

The Cinderella Solution Diet will especially benefit all women over the age of 35, as it is designed just right according to the body of a 35-year-old woman.

the cinderella solution reviews

So if you are a woman over the age of 35 who wants to lose weight, be it even 5 or 10 pounds, you can follow the Cinderella Solution program to help you achieve that gorgeous body, with plump at just the right places.

Cinderella solution recipes and meal plan

These recipes include the Cinderella solution tea and Cinderella solution meal plans. Some of these recipes include the blueberry and lemon mini muffins using organic berries and healthy coconut flour instead of the usual raisin flour.

It also has healthy options of baked meatballs and chicken breasts that have Moroccan herb dressing to improve the taste, but also promote digestion while keeping in view your calorie count.

If that wasn’t enough, it also has recipes for gluten and dairy-free pizza, which has healthy toppings such as black olives and honey, it has fruit mocktails and healthy alternatives to your everyday food needs.

It has complete details about the power carbs, slow carbs, and proteins that are necessary for you. It has weight loss tea created through distinct herbs and sages to ignite your body’s breakdown rate.

Is the Cinderella solution a scam or hoax?

I get it; you are pondering over the fact if the Cinderella solution is a scam because you don’t want to waste your hard-earned money. There is not much to worry though, because Cinderella Solution is NOT a scam.

It is just your online guide to help shape your life and your body using recipes and exercises, taken from the Japanese Culture. It doesn’t claim you give you any instant results.

Instead, it teaches you to activate your metabolism and improve your digestive system while also using movements and actions to build activity inside your body to burn fat.

The program creator is viral and has a backstory to prove her research, which further adds to the integrity and reliability of the whole Cinderella solution system.

Cinderella solution results and my final verdict.

The fact that Carly Donovan had personally experienced the troubles and difficulties before coming up with a solution is enough to inspire us to take a challenge and give the Cinderella Solution a try. Carly’s journey and her authentic profile add much more credibility to the Cinderella Solution diet plan.

For me, the Cinderella solution was a blessing. Now I am not saying that it brought me miraculous results within 2-3 days, but it helped me become healthier and drop weight without messing up with my hormones.

After I left the diet plan, I did not face a repercussion and went on to eat as much as I wanted to. This plan merely helped to activate the alarm system for metabolism in my body. As a result, every time I eat food, the metabolism system inside my body is turned on, and I get to digest the food properly and breaking it down instead of building it up in my body as unnecessary fat.

If you’re looking to get a slender body with muscles at just the right place, the Cinderella solution will surely help you get that with the help of rituals that involve exercise and a unique ingredient diet plan. You’ll see the power of two, and how involving exercise and the right diet can help change your body and your life— for good!