leptin resistance

Leptin resistance is one of the major factors and a hurdle that people find difficult to lose weight. The reason anyone becomes leptin resistant is due to the imbalance of his/her hormones. Leptin resistance makes it too difficult for some people to lose their weight or get in shape. As we have previously described, that leptin is a kind of hormone produced inside the fat cells present in your body.

These fat cells are a significant part of your hormonal system. When a person stops receiving leptin signals in the brain, in other words, if he/she feels hungry most of the time, then we can say that he/she must be leptin resistant.

If you feel hungry all the time(if you are leptin resistant), it does not necessarily mean that you genuinely need food. It is a false alarm that makes you feel hungry, and the food you will consume to satisfy your appetite will consequently add up to your fat storage.

Leptin resistance is one of the common factors of weight gain. You could exercise all the time and eat a caloric deficit diet plan and still have a problem losing fat. It occurs due to your hormonal imbalance; if not treated rightly, it could have a very adverse impact on your health.

However, if you are looking to find the causes of this hormonal imbalance or leptin resistance, you have arrived at your destination.


We know that leptin resistance occurs due to obesity, which means that you can gain weight and become leptin resistant simultaneously. But what are the actual causes that make a person leptin resistant?. Though leptin is not a highly researched topic, however, the factors involved in causing leptin resistance have been thoroughly discussed by many medical science experts. In this regard, we will be addressing the causes of leptin resistance.

The causes of leptin resistance are defined below:


Do you consume alcohol frequently?. Are you a meat lover and eat a lot of it?. If your answer to these questions is affirmative, then you are most likely to be facing inflammation. Inflammation is a significant cause of leptin resistance, which can be found both in humans and animals.

It plays an essential role in increasing leptin resistance, that is why if you face inflammation, you must eat anti-inflammatory foods and leptin rich foods. However, if it is severe, then consult a doctor and get your inflammation treated.


The function of free fatty acids is that they get dissolved in your bloodstream, and by channeling into your bloodstream, they may increase the fat metabolites in your brain and create a problem in leptin signaling.
That is why people should consume less free fatty acids as they aid in increasing leptin resistance.


Many people wonder why they can not lose weight after spending all of their time in the gym. The answer is that they might be working hard in the gym, but they must not be following a proper healthy diet plan. Eating a lot of fat will eventually increase your body fat percentage, which will result in high leptin.

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Now you might be wondering that aren’t high leptin levels good?. The answer is no; neither high nor low leptin levels are right for your health. If your body produces an excessive amount of leptin hormones(if you gain a lot of weight), it will make you leptin resistant. High amounts of leptin can stop leptin signaling in your brain, which means you will not be aware if you overeat.


If you are a patient of blood pressure, you are likely to suffer from leptin resistance. However, it is not guaranteed, but a few medical experts have said that if you have a problem with blood pressure, then the chances are that it may cause leptin resistance.


Ever wondered why you feel hungry even after having a heavy dinner at night?. It is because you have developed a habit of eating late at night. Your mid-night snacks or drinks may temporarily satisfy your appetite, but you will face leptin resistance in the longer run.


Protein plays a significant role in reducing leptin resistance if consumed in a decent amount, but protein deficiency can also make you leptin resistant. Protein is the essential micronutrient that humans require.

It has tons of benefits like reducing appetite, killing hunger, boosting metabolism, helps in weight loss, builds muscle mass and strength, etc. However, if a person consumes less protein than required, he/she might face leptin resistance.

Furthermore, if you want to increase leptin levels and decrease leptin resistance, you must consider adding the right amount of proteins to your diet.


Everybody is aware of the significance of a good sleeping schedule.
It keeps you active throughout the day and helps in doing daily life tasks efficiently. But, at the same time, sleeping less and being a night owl can aid in increasing your leptin resistance.

Your leptin levels tend to rise during sleep, but if your sleeping schedule is messed up, you will face leptin resistance. In other words, inadequate sleep results in increasing leptin resistance.

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Research has shown that stress or any mental pressure is not suitable for your health. But Does it have anything to do with leptin resistance?. Yes, it does. The stress hormones make your brain less responsive to leptin. People in stress are more likely to suffer from leptin resistance compared to mentally relaxed people. Check out the post we did on 10 ways to fix leptin resistance.


Triglyceride is a significant constituent of fat present in the human body. It can be found in human blood. Just like leptin, it too found in fat cells. If you consume more calories than you burn, especially from carbohydrates, you are likely to have high triglycerides. High levels of triglycerides can increase leptin resistance along with the increase in the risk of heart diseases.


Leptin resistance is something people do not pay attention to, but it can have adverse effects on your health, and that is why it’s essential to treat leptin resistance.