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Welcome to Health & Fitness Vigilante! This website is designed and operated by Kamran Ghori to help you be Vigilant of your body and mind against the struggles and strains of modern life. We do this by giving you the best information around regarding nutrition, staying in shape, workouts, fitness, positive thinking, and general well-being.

You only have one body. Many people have said that “even if I have nothing else I still have my health”. Don’t let poor lifestyle habits take that away – start protecting it today by following proven advice and programs from true experts.

All of the content on our website is researched and written by nutrition and fitness enthusiasts, so you can be sure we’re only giving you the good stuff.

We believe that there is more than one component for staying healthy. It isn’t just about working out, eating right, being positive or having strong relationships. In our opinion, a well-balanced life is about all of these things – as well as making time for plenty of fun too!

So, having said all that what can you expect to read about on our website? There’s certainly something for everyone here, so make sure you stick and come back often to read our latest and greatest.


Whether you want to stay lean, gain muscle or simply tone up we’ve got you covered. We’ll focus on training and workouts fairly heavily in our articles  – fitness is a huge part of living a healthy and happy lifestyle. It also helps you perform at a peak level in all aspects of life.

We don’t just cater for gym rats either. If you like to hit the gym 5 times per week then great, but we know that many people only have 30 minutes or so for a couple of days weekly so we’ve certainly got options for you too. Home workouts and exercise routines which can be done at home or in a local park are getting more and more popular; we’ll be reviewing many of those, along with more traditional gym-based and yoga programs fairly often. Everything we review has been fully tried and tested by our team, so don’t worry! We’ll give you our honest thoughts, and where relevant, the actual results we achieved from using any one program, diet or strategy.

Healthy Eating

The second major focus of our articles is eating and drinking correctly – making sure you can enjoy meals, stay in shape and generally remain healthy. Also if weight loss or muscle building are goals of yours, we’ll have all the nutrition recommendations you could ever need as well.

Good nutrition is a vital partner to regular exercise if you want to achieve optimal health and fitness. We have you covered with all kinds of recipes, meal suggestions, and strategies for losing weight, gaining muscle or simply minimizing illness. You’ll also find in-depth reviews of popular weight loss and diet programs.

Wishing You Happiness and Health,

The Health & Fitness Vigilante